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D.Gray-Man vol. 24: Special Thanks [x]

D.Gray-Man vol. 24: Special Thanks [x]

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If you ever heal or tank in FF14 you will get shit on

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Do you have a facial expression you seem to pull a lot? What is it?
Retard double chin face

Do you always listen to music when you’re online?

If so, what are you currently listening to?
Ryan’s Smash Bros game

When you can’t sleep, what do you do?
Tumblr, get on Final Fantasy

Do you prefer things (Movies, books, etc) that scare you or make you laugh?

Have you ever rubbed your eyes so much you couldn’t see for a while?

Do you like people more or less when they have similar tastes to you? Why?
I guess more, usually. Although sometimes it makes me like them less. I guess because we have more in common and can bond over those things and do more things together.

Do you ever forget how to do really simple things? Like what?
yeah. like basic math.

What would you change about your current physical appearance if you could?
I just wish my hair wasn’t so damaged like it is now.

Were you born with naturally straight teeth?
I kind of have straight teeth, except for a couple.

Do you pull faces at yourself when you look in the mirror?

Do you try not to take a lot of medicine or do you take it whenever?
I take antidepression meds. But not for when I have a headache if thats what you mean.

Do you quote movies often? Any ones in particular?

Do you like the sound of your computer’s keyboard typing?

Do you check to make sure your ear phones are going in the right ear?

What pattern was on the last pair of socks you wore?
They were just white.

Would you rather have a big house or a big garden?
Big house.

Are fireworks illegal to buy where you live?
I think?

Can you talk and work at the same time?

Do you like going to museums? Any particular type?

What time is it right now?

What is your favorite kind of take-away to order?

Do you ever wear shoes even though they hurt your feet?

yes lol

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The real reason why Rin left Japan.

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